UglyWorld Style Fish Tank, Jan. 2020

Gumball Machine, Jan. 2020

Subway 2019, Illustration drawing and cup design from Subway brand style and color palette.

Casino Playing, Dee. 2019


Seocho Festival 2019, Poster Design, ink pen and Photoshop

Crazy Drink, 2019, brush-pen and Photoshop


Pink Rino Waiting Mom, 2019

3D Sculpture       

Baby rhinoceros named Rino is just sitting and waiting mommy. 

poster 3.jpg
poster final.jpg

Ready to be Rattled, 2019

California Earthquake Poster

Brush-pen for line-work & Colored with Photoshop


Character design & Kid Products 2019  

ArtCenter College of Design Grad Show 2019 Summer

Planning Yourself, 2018

3D Sculpture

Sculpey figure & Oil pastel drawing  Inspired by movie, Mr Nobody 2009 

Alaka-Cha, 2018

Ice cream shop branding

Ice cream shop logo and character design

Mr Bean in a Box, 2019


Sculpey & Oil pastel

Crazy Life Mug Design 2019

Mug cup design with cartoon drawings

Missing Country with Soju, 2018

3D Sculpture

Sculpey, Water colors, Oil pastels and Photoshop  

Inspired by my friend, Bong who was missing Korea and his old friends.

우리 동네 달맞이 축제 (Full Moon Festival), 2019

Illustration Drawing

Brush-pen for line drawing & colored and textured in Photoshop  

I visited my hometown Full Moon Festival with my family in Korea. I saw a huge camp fire and fireworks. Also, I ate neighbors delicious foods. Home sweet home. 

Crazy Mika, 2019

Branding Logo 

Brush-pen for line drawing & colored in Photoshop  

Nightmare Ride, 2017

Roller coaster ride concept:

People lay on the bed rides and experience the scary fun nightmare like going inside the closet, chased by monster, falling down through a window or flying above city.

Robot Candy Box, 2017

Paper Toy& Package Design