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The Young Farmer


The Young Farmer in UglyWorld


Branding the farm, 생생팜.

Creating collaborated digital work for the company's various uses. 




Digital, NFT


The land of the elderly was once beautiful with warm vitality.

As time ticks away, the gray and gloomy buildings lose their warmth, and the vast fields become empty spaces where only indifferent winds pass through.

It becomes a gray land, growing larger and colder.

Upon this aging land, a young magician plants tender saplings.

From that moment, a small and precious green begins to color the gray earth as if blood were flowing through it.

Like watching a color film after black and white, fantasy and admiration burst forth.

The magician nurtures the saplings into trees, cultivates various vegetables and fruits, and builds magical houses. Apples occupy the first floor, watermelons the second, and large leaves grow to create refreshing shade.

Sturdy vines form fences, and with a rake, the magician carves multiple paths, creating an open village.


People begin to come, following the miracle, and it becomes a warm and vibrant land once again.

The Young Farmer in UglyWorld, Branding Mock up

Mock Up Image

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