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Juiee UglyWorld based South Korea

Surrealism Pop Artist로

‘나는 고발한다’의 에밀 졸라를 영감으로

 21세기의 에밀 졸라가 되어 무지와 사회 문제들을 지적한다.


토마스 모어와 올더스 헉슬리의 유토피아와 디스토피아를 기준으로 

상충되는 개념 사이의 유사성을 주목하여,

현실과 초현실, 사회 문제 및 인간의 삶에 대하여

이중적으로 표현하고 있다.


21세기의 추한 모습을 UglyWorld만의 시각으로 아름다운 나라로 표현하고 있다.

As a surrealist pop artist, inspired by 'I Accuse' of Émile Zola,
Juiee UglyWorld points out social problems as well as becoming the 21st century's Émile Zola. 
Through the worldview of an amusement park called UglyWorld,
the ugliness of the 21st century is reborn through the unique view of UglyWorld, and expressed as a beautiful world.
Focusing on the similarity between the conflicting concepts of utopia and dystopia, it expresses the duality of society, and reality and surrealism.


2019  August


Art Center College of Design, Bachelor of Fine Art, Illustration, Design Track (Pasadena, CA, USA)



2019  August

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2021  December 
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2023  January

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2023 February

ArtCenter Gallery, Group (Pasadena, CA, USA)

Pasadena Convention Center 'Fall 2019 Grad Show' (Pasadena, CA, USA)

Tom & Toms Coffee Main Branch , Solo (Seoul, South Korea)
Lee Soo Gallery, '봄빛 현대미술 展' , Group (Seoul, South Korea)
ART SPACE I:SAEK, 'Sleepless Night', Solo (Seoul, South
3# Gallery Cafe, Solo (Seoul, South
Busan Illustration Fair vol. 2 (Busan, South
Bank Art Fair, Special Booth (Seoul, South
Seoul Illustration Fair vol. 12 (Seoul, South
KP Gallery ON, Group (Seoul, South
3# Gallery Cafe, Solo 
(Seoul, South Korea)
Bank Art Fair 
(Seoul, South Korea)
Space One Plus, Group 
(Seoul, South Korea)
UglyWorld Open Studio, 'CITY JUNGLE'  Special Exhibition (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)
Visayas Art Fair (Cebu, Philippines)
KP Gallery ON, 'ISLAND', Solo (Seoul, South Korea)
2022 Seoul ArtShow (Seoul, South Korea)

EUGENE INVESTMENT & SECURITIES Seoul WM Center, Group (Seoul, South Korea)

KP Gallery ON, Group (Seoul, South Korea)

노라노 미술관, Group (Mokpo-si, Korea)

Collaboration & Others

2018  March
2018  July - 
2019  March - 

2019  November -  May

2020  June

2020  October

2021  May - 

2022  April


MJ, Logo Branding (Gardena, CA, USA)

Chon-Dak , Cooperate Branding/Graphic Design (Gardena, CA, USA)

Kko Kko Yang Gop Chang, Cooperate Branding/Graphic Design, (Gardena, CA, USA)

Lumiere Art Studio, Picture book Publishing Direct /  Art Educator  (Sunland-Tujunga, CA, USA)

2020 KOREA 독서대전 ‘책이 있는 모든 순간’, Photo & Illustration Contest Exhibit, Excellence Prize (Jeju, South Korea)

Magazine Interview with ILLUST, page 58- 64

Tom & Toms Coffee Main Branch , Solo Collaboration (Seoul, South Korea)

​생생팜, NFT Art Collaboration (Busan, Korea)


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(+82) 010. 8628. 7494


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